Loging into the system

Autorisation is the system is based on usernames and passwords. To log into the system You need to enter Your username and password in the login form on login page.

To log into the system go to web page, enter Your login information and klik "Login" or press "Enter" key.

While loging in You can also select preferred interface language and theme for application.

Usernames and passwords

Remember not to share you creditentials with others. Every activity in the system is logged with username used while logging in. To avoid misunderstandings and any other troubles keep Your password only for Your own use.

After 3 tries with failed login the account is being blocked. When this happens You can click link "Forgot user name or password". This will take You to the password reminder which can change Your password and send You an e-mail with new one. The password reminder can be used in varius situations, like:

When all creditantials are lost, the only way is to create a new account.